Wheat And Tares


       The end of all things is close upon us, but for some of us the end of our probation may be yet nearer. As you look upon your substantial, convenient establishment, as you see the good things of this life with which you are surrounded, I ask you to consider that these must all pass away. You yourself may soon be an inhabitant of the very narrow house to remain till called forth by the trump of God. As you, your wife, and your children, devote your thoughts to earthly things, your characters are receiving a worldly mould. As they are at death, such they will be in the morning of the resurrection. No conversion, no transformation of character, will be made then. How would you and your wife and children appear before the redeemed, holy throng, with your present tastes, habits, dress, thoughts, and words. Let every one of poor, deceived family remember that the reaping time will be as the sowing time has been. None can sow tares and reap wheat.

1888 Materials 

 P 1502



         We can sympathize with you, although at a distance from you. I would say, Do not give up hope, but cling to the promise, "Ask, and it shall be given you" (Luke 11:9). Yet do not feel discouraged if He who can do the work of healing, He who knows the end from the beginning, permits His child to die, to rise in the morning of the resurrection. Say, "Not my will, but Thine, O God, be done.". . . If your wife falls under the affliction, remember that there is a future life. The last trump will call forth all who have received Christ, believed in Him, and trusted in Him for salvation.

2 SM  P   255