What About Tomorrow?


              Our Desires

     The comment was made to me that they wanted a balance in what they do.  The fact is that a person who is desiring to serve the Lord can have no such thing as balance with the devil.  When we use his devices we belong entirely to him because Jesus does not live in a divided heart, nor in a heart where the devil is being catered to.  As soon as we desire the fashions and things of this world, we are no longer called a child of God.  When we fill our homes with the devices of Satan, beer, pop, tea, coffee, chocolate, junk food, spices, games and evil clothes, pants without skirts over top for girls, and tight low-neck immodest fashions, colored hair, jewelry and make-up.  These are the devil’s devices and Jesus never told us to use them.  Jesus would have us live in simplicity and look like a true child of God, totally separate from the world.  We are to share the truth, but not to partake in the use of the pleasures of the world and sin.  Not one of these things will enter glory and if we hold on to them or have them in our home we will not enter Glory either.  Because we love Jesus so much from all our heart we will do what He asks of us. We will earnestly search and dig deep to know what the requirements are to live with Jesus forever.  There is not much time left to do this eternal work. The balance we need is the eight remedies put to proper use as a prevention.  They are used as cures so why not use them for prevention in the proper balance. 1 Rest, 2 exercise, 3 fresh air, 4 proper diet, 5 water, 6 sunshine, 7 temperance, (abstain from all bad and moderation of what is good), 8 Trust and obey God and study His Word.

     Avoid the appearance of evil.

     (Touch not; taste not; handle not; 

       Which all are to perish with the using;) after the commandments and doctrines of men?  Colossians 2:21,22





Fresh air







 Proper Diet



 Trust In God