Stand Up For Jesus

    My names are David Boi Kiprir, 35, married with 5 kids which are boys.  One is in high school. My wife’s name is Eunis.  We live in Rift Valley, we are peasants and live in a house made of grass and mud.  My parents are catholic members.  When I was 20 I decided  to attend protestant instead of catholic as did my parents, my parents allowed me to do this.  This is where I came to learn about the saving grace through faith in Jesus.  Last year  I and others decided to keep the Sabbath after studying the article, ‘How the Sabbath was Changed’ we learned the original day of worship was Saturday and not Sunday.  After studying the subject; which caused division in our former church (free Methodist) the majority refused the teachings and the minority embraced the teachings. The small group started to meet in our house, sometimes in open ground, (up to date) we are about 15 people meeting every seventh day of the week, sing, Bible class, sermon etc. We love the Lord and His Word. We emphasize the name of Jesus more than any other teachings. Keep us in prayers.