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Our Second Youth Camp was hosted in Ragiampun – Markham Valley, Morobe Province, along the main highlands highway to Lae from 25th September – 5th October. More than 150 youths came from Lae, Madang, Kainantu, Goroka, Mount Hagen and Chimbu. They were accompanied by some parents for each youth club.

The camp was hosted in Ragiampun village, mainly dominated by Conference S.D.A Church.

Pastors Tivo, Kay & myself, we took turns to preach the powerful sermons, with the young youth preachers taking the morning devotion.  

Special studies on the Character Development was taken up by Pr. Harold. The youth and the church members enjoyed this presentation. Special activities such as Bible Knowledge [Bible Quizzes], Nature Treasure Hunt, and many spiritual activities [brutal and competitive ball games were excluded].  

     A Youth Choirs Singing

v  Hiking – A Big Highlight.

On Thursday the whole youth camp headed out with Pr. Kay Tefa & Pr. Harold with nearly 100 youth. Many villagers, non – Seventh – day Adventist youth and adults joined us on the trek. The hiking trek leads along big Markham River upstream and into the bushes following the creek and then climbed the steep mountain on top and follow down the snaky mountain ridge – which took us almost 8 – hours to return to the campsite. Thousand eyes around Markham Valley watch with surprise, because nearly most of the villagers never climb that mountain. Along the trek, we took breaks for choir singing.

      Youth hiking – climbing    the high mountain

v Mainstream Adventists served us.

 At the foot of the mountain was a small Mainstream S.D.A. village. A man died that week and was buried few days ago. When we arrived at the ridge of that mountain, they quickly prepared a big meal at the foot of the mountain. When the youth descended, they served them and shared their joys with us. They all then jumped into big river again and swam over to the campsite. The hiking brought great joy and satisfaction.  Spiritual messages and physical exercises gave strength to the youth that week.



While in camp big fight broke out in our little township of Kainantu between to ethnic groups. For last 15 – years, the brutal race that live 5 – 6 kilometres out of the township illegally, set up squatter settlements/ slums on state land; and they became pests to the residents in the township and the local natives around the town. They overtook business houses through force and corruption, rape nurses, students, broke in homes and stole goods, loot shops, killed men, women and children with powerful weapon, and chopped men with machetes.

v  A Businessman Instigates.

v  Gabriel Igaso, one of their business man who instigated these crimes took over most of the shops, hired gangs to loot and burn down Asian shops with the intention to make that his own township after his name Gabriel – a ‘Gabriel Town.’ He even attack our street every street preachers, driving his vehicle straight at us, destroying sound systems and chasing the preachers out. He is the Mainstream Seventh – day Adventist man, who sponsors over 50 – mission workers; he invests almost K100, 000 into building the big church there in town. He also married with 5 – wives and children. He is allowed to take Bible studies in the big town church there. His son was shot and killed by the criminal group and buried last week.

 The local natives, the residents and the subsistent farmers and people coming into town everyday were disturbed by open gun fires with their enemy clansmen. This has been going on for almost last 15 – years.

v  Machete Warriors & Nature destroys them. That week a young boy was attacked by these settlers after returning from physical training at the sports ground. This leads into big bloodshed. The local natives charges this ethnic settlers, after a long argument their fired bullets at the local natives of the town with the powerful guns – [such as AK 47, AR15 etc] at the close range [of 5 to 6 – meters apart]. Surprisingly not even a bullet took the natives. After a long hour they finished their bullets and the natives charges them only with the machetes – they chopped and killed 24 – men that day. Miraculously the nature took its course and most of these men were mysteriously slain down on the cemetery ground. The natives were surprised to see the dead bodies all over the cemetery. They just came in and chopped their bodies. The numbered confirmed dead by the Seventh – day Adventist Community service group who collected the dead bodies at the site was 24. The hospitals refused to treat them, because these evil people use to rape nurse, broke into dispensaries and took medications, and even burned down a patients ward. Others that were chopped and thrown into the river and the pit toilets or nearby bushes were not counted. The tension was too high that week – police forces poured in from Port Moresby, Lae, Mount Hagen and other parts of Papua New Guinea. They put a big curfew.

v  Called to Witness.

We returned from camp on Sunday in fear; and we were escorted to our villages. On Monday we stayed at home. On Tuesday, thousands of villagers of our ethnic groups pours into assist our local men around the town. They brought in bows and arrows, food and money. That day I went into town to buy fuel for genset. But then I decided to attend this ethnical meeting. I was hiding among the crowd when they called for a pastor to open the meeting with prayer. The Conference SDA elder called me forward, so I offered a prayer of peace before the thousands. And the Lord insisted me, so I step up to took a short study on the Exodus Movement, how God led thousands of people and fought for them miraculously. The Lord told them to keep his laws and statutes so He fought on their behalf. Our ethnic group were law abiding people, who were open to the gospel truths. I strongly urged them not to take any weapons, just pray and let the Lord fight for them – because, miraculously this brutal group were slain. The people were encouraged by the message and they didn’t go further to discuss plans to fight with their enemies. The churches of various faiths were told to go and pray, and the villagers and local townsmen set their guard.

This evil ethnic group sent news to their men nationwide and overseas to pour in money and arms; and they planned to charter a helicopter and raid our town and our ethnic group. They tried all kinds of plan for last 5 – months and yet it is not working. Many people approached me and thanked me for the short sermon I took and I told them to give glory to God, for it was He that protects them. Even they send spies of all forms into towns and village to kill, but they are spotted them quickly and arrested and put them into the hands of law. We are still in this fear now. Please, pray for us – our churches too are going through the hard times, for we cannot reach out to other regions in groups. 


One of my churches faces a big crisis. The elder and the deacon led more than 10 people out of our church into the Mainstream S.D.A without any good reason. They didn’t even give reasons for their going, nor expressed their reasons in any of the board or church business meetings. All they reasoned was that Pr. Harold Peiko is getting money from overseas on our behalf. They labelled me as the manager of the Lay Members Association – using the Ministry to make business with Offerings and Tithes, paying school fees and sending my children to big schools. These gossips were started by the backslidden Conference Church member and even 4 – 5 villagers were told of this. Since my accident in May, I have spent more time studying Seventh – day Adventist history.

A man died 2 – weeks ago in that village, and these leaders who defected from our church to Conference SDA church were blamed by his relatives. It opened an opportunity and the villagers invited me to run an evangelistic meeting there.  From 20th – 27th November, our local church there conducted the meeting and I took studies on the theme – “Knowing Our Destiny.”  People from 5 – villages and Christians of 5 – other denominations with their pastors poured in every night and even during the day to hear these challenging messages. Many questions filled the question box every night on the subject – the church histories, apostasy, ecumenism, tithes and offerings, the ministries etc. Satisfactorily all were answered.

The heathens came openly and told the remaining church members that they will come in and fill the spaces left by those who defected – they say, if ten [10] members went out we will come in 20s. The challenging messages on the Advent Movement, Protestant Movement, Remnant of Her Seed, and Adventism in Apostasy, Repairers and Restorers of Zion, The Oracle of God, Footstep of Romanism etc were delivered in this meeting which brought healing to the lonely church members. On Sabbath we had a big meeting – packed with lay members from more than 8 churches.

On Sunday, nearly every villager, and Christians and pastors of different denomination came to listen to the last sermon and the remaining questions. After the meeting, a village peace officer and the Lutheran evangelist came up to the stage to give words of thanks and encouragement. They announced that the studies presented that week brought great blessings to them. It was the brand new message apart from past meetings that we use to preach. Even, the whole villagers contributed some money and presented to me on the stage, and encourages me and told the whole village that this is the true church. They promise to support us with our evangelism wherever we go.  The meeting concluded with big excitement and blessings. People are still talking of the messages that were presented even today. More people are coming into join the truth.

As trials thicken around us, both separation and unity will be seen in our ranks. Some who are now ready to take up weapons of warfare will in time of real peril make it manifest that they have not built upon the solid rock; they will yield to temptation. Those who have had great light and precious privileges, but have not improved them, will, under one pretext or another, go out from us. Not having received the love of the truth, they will be taken in the delusions of the enemy; they will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, and will depart from the faith.  {LHU 211.4} 


This year –ending loud cry camp meeting was unusual one. It was hosted in the isolated part of Kainantu – about 4 hours drive from Kainantu Township in Eastern Highlands Province. Arau village is situated north – east of our little Township of Kainantu. For last 15 – years our  5 local churches in that district – Omaura were faithful in attending our every year loud cry Bible camps all around PNG. They insisted that this year – ending camp be hosted in their village. Our members came from all around Mount Hagen, Chimbu, Goroka, Kainantu, Madang, and Lae. Most of them were taken by transport half –way through and dropped off because of the road condition. Hardly vehicles pass through this part of villages. People have to walk with their camping gears and essential items for another 3 hours on the rough and rugged road winding into villages and jungle before they reach Arau village. One third of them have to walk almost 6 – 7 hours from to Kainantu Township to campsite.

Unfortunately, our expected guest speaker – Pr. Ivan Plummer could not make it to PNG, so the local pastors took turns in morning worship, while I took main meetings at night on PowerPoint. Lutherans, Mainstream SDA church members; Salvation Army opened their homes to the strangers and feed them. We were told not to bring tents or food because they villagers prepared all for us at camp. They provided their houses and pour in garden foods to take care of hundreds of people during this camp meeting. The theme of the meeting was same of mine – “Knowing Our Destiny.” [Especially the History of the Advent Movement].

[Apart from the opposition of the Mainstream Seventh – day Adventist church, the defecting group led by Henry Herave and his son, Brett[a family ministry],  labelled the Laymen Association as the apostate movement. He accused all pastors of fornication and illegally took the ministry name “Lay Mmembers Association” as his own family ministry and led 3 – churches in that region to follow him. He even wrote letter to Pr. John Grosboll of Step to Life, claiming to have 200 churches in PNG. And he asked for the guest speaker to come over and ordain 2 members of their defected group as pastors.]   

The business was held on Friday morning to discuss issues relating to the defected members of our ministry who claimed to have taken over the ministry and have misled the 3 – churches in that district. The issue was cleared and the members took stand with the truth again. Also our longest serving lay evangelist, Sailas Itaibo that District was selected by the Business to be ordained. During Church Business, he was confirmed and voted.

    Our longest serving secretary, Tamo Ya’ato [Tepi Ya’ato’s Brother] laid down his position so they reappoint the new secretary and treasurer for our PNG Lay Members Association Administration that day. Maik Eronti – one of our young lay workers was appointed treasurer and Yawas Sarena as our secretary.

v  Sabbath Highlight.

On Sabbath I took main sermon and lead the pastors into ordination of Brother Silas Itaibo as our new pastor – leading up to 6 – pastors of the Lay Ministry of PNG. [Apart from Pr. Alonsa Bogea who defected and joined one of the Sunday Churches, and Pr. Livingston Kul also joined the Holy Spirit Movement with his Present Truth Ministry]

 Silas Itaibo – Newly Ordained Pastor.

After ordination whole church was led down to the big river, about half an hour walk from the campsite. Nine souls were baptised there and 7 new ones joined the truth beside them. Sabbath night we end the meeting with last PowerPoint presentation.

Early Sunday morning most of them got up around 3 o’clock to walk back to Kainantu. We hired the only 4 – wheel drive utility to take us back to Kainantu. We pushed the vehicle halfway and then jumped on; we passed the long line of campers on foot. What a blessed camp meeting in such an isolated area. Many were blessed and promised to return to the dedication of the new church in that area. 

v  A Shocking News.

While in camp, on Tuesday one of our ex – elder [of 2010] was died at the hand of the evil men in the village that I conducted the meeting a previous week [a relative of mine]. His relative and the villagers retaliated and took revenge during the devil’s medium and chased the suspect and into the meeting of the Mainstream SDA church that was running a meeting near our church to rebaptised those who defected from our church there. The devil’s female medium ran onto the grandstand into the house of the victim which was packed with the visiting Mainstream Seventh – day Adventists, and they destroyed the food prepared for Sabbath and set the house on fire. The visitors likely escaped and the fire was put off. Everybody went back to funeral and small boys who patrolled the road to our village grabbed the culprit who was escaping and chopped him at my brother’s house. Upon arrival from camp meeting we went to that village for funeral. After funeral we gathered the villagers and took funeral service and challenge the villagers and then we took the body of the elder and buried him. The clan of that culprit hired the police force to raid the village and take those boys who murder the culprit to jail. Yesterday and today I have been running here and there, talking with police and peace officers and magistrates to sort out his issue. We put all our church members to pray all day and night. We are really in the midst of the ethnic crises. Again, we need year prayers, brethren.


The Lay Ministry of Papua New Guinea is planning to take the work to another stage next year. Two Lay workers Training centres are under construction in Kimbe – West New Britain for the New Guinea Islands under Pr. Michael Loko’s coordination. And in Minj – Mount Hagen, for the lay workers in Highlands regions under Pr. John Yuants coordination.

Also the Printing press is soon to be purchase for the ministry work and publication of tracts in Pidgin dialect which also is under Pr. Kay Tefa’s coordination.  College plan, which was under my coordination, is still pending, because of funds to purchase a land and materials to construct it.

Everlasting Gospel Ministry Incorporated is part of PNG Lay Members Association. It has its projects – such as Gospel Media [DVD, Gospel on Newspapers, Gospel on Air [Radio programs, TV Broadcast, Bible Correspondences] are still in need for financial support.

 Transportation [Banana Boats & a 4 – wheel drive vehicle is still in demand] for the Laymen Association as a whole to help reach out to the people in the isolated areas. Such needs have slowed down the Lord’s work here, but, otherwise the Lord is still working through simple means to bring about His work to its end. Money, plans and our budgets will be useless tomorrow. Whatever our hand finds, let us do it whilst it is daylight!

There seemed to be a little time of peace. Once more the inhabitants of the earth were presented before me; and again everything was in the utmost confusion. Strife, war, and bloodshed, with famine and pestilence, raged everywhere. Other nations were engaged in this war and confusion. War caused famine. Want and bloodshed caused pestilence. And then men's hearts failed them for fear, "and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth."--Testimonies, vol. 1, p. 268.  {ChS 55.1}

Racial problems, ethnic clashes, tribal wars are making the avenues of gospel too difficult.  Please, remember us in your prayers. Whatever, the Lord impresses you to do or support in terms of literature or financial aid – may the Lord bless you as you put your input toward the enhancing of the Gospel in these last days.

God bless,

Pr. Harold Peiko.

Everlasting Gospel Ministry Inc.

[PNG Lay Ministries]