Set Free


     Jewel was a sweet little red-headed girl who grew up in a family with her sisters Shirley and Barbara.  Shirley was very jealous and liked to take all the attention from her parents.  She always wanted the best and was unhappy to see Jewel have anything nice.  Shirley was a very bossy big sister who continually told Jewel how hopeless she was.  When ever she got angry, she rolled her tongue over, put her teeth on it, and ran after Jewel making terrible sounds.  If she managed to catch Jewel, she would hit and thump her.  Barbara also used to pick on Jewel as well, and tell her she was ugly.  Jewel loved to sing, but Barbara always told her to keep quiet because she said, “You can’t sing like I can.”  Little Jewel wanted very much to be friends with Shirley and Barbara, but they were so mean and nasty to their little sister.

     Eventually after being told so many negative things about herself, Jewel began to believe their lies, and when she was old enough, she moved a long way away from her horrid sisters.  However, all the way down in the archives of her mind the folders marked, “hopeless”, “useless”, “ugly”, and “bad singer” stayed with her and made her sad and believe what they used to tell her.  She secretly hoped that her sisters were wrong, but she felt so alone in the big city and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about what they had said.  All the hurtful memories made her sadder and sadder until one day she felt so bad that she could not get out of bed.  She did not even want to live anymore.

     Then suddenly everything changed for the better.  Jewel met Jesus and He made her see the truth about everything, setting her free from her despair and making her smile again.  She had not been so happy for a long time.  Jesus filled Jewel with Himself and brought her so much joy she thought she was going to burst!  Jesus told Jewel He had a wonderful plan for her life and that she had many talents, gifts and abilities.  He made her realize how beautiful she was from the inside out, and he sent along a handsome man named John for her to marry.  After that, Jewel spent the whole day singing songs, eventually joining a choir, and she was even asked to sing special music in her church.

     The most difficult thing for Jewel had been to realize that the lies of her sisters were not true.  The only way she was able to get better was to believe what God had say about her in the Bible.  The truth set Jewel free.



June Beumer